ZERO’D is the World’s first documented ‘super elite’ eco-friendly muscle car. The entire approach and build is based around achieving a ‘zero carbon footprint’ with an objective of highlighting the sheer existence of the principles of sustainability. With such an innovative project, ZERO’D will inspire builders and manufacturers, whilst demonstrating that “Green” can be cost effective without losing the projects cool edge.

The project was approached over 2 components; ‘Recycling’ and ‘Bio Technology’. This means ZERO’D has a low emission value not only as an end product with the vehicle running on low CO2, but throughout the actual build process, from all the parts and tools used in the creation.

This Australian ingenuity is based on a 1967 model Ford XR Falcon sedan, which features numerous waste materials and recycled junkyard components in its entire construction. It was built from parts and labour processes with a ‘zero carbon footprint’ approach.

Project ZERO’D demonstrates that sustainability can be achieved without government subsidies, not only in a scientific manner but also through taking a ‘hands on’ approach whilst still maintaining an image that is ‘desirable’. According to Bond University,

“The project represents sustainability, which opens the door to a new generation of materials, products, and the way these are manufactured and implemented in the automotive industry. Additionally, ZERO’D combines the usage of biodegradable products, renewable fuel sources, enabling the car to be self-sufficient. Furthermore, the project educates future generations, it provides innovation to car manufacturers and designers and consequently it has a positive effect on the economy. Now what is needed is for these ideas to infiltrate the mainstream market so that the dreams of a sustainable future can be made a reality.”

The idea came from Mick Fabar of Green Homes Australia and award winning car builder;

“I’d been looking into the future and trying to figure out what kind of car my son would be building when he was 16 … The challenge sort of evolved from there. I wanted to create a street machine that had ideally a zero effect on the environment in its design, construction and when being driven,” said Mick Fabar.

ZERO’D throughout the build primarily used recycled materials. To ensure that no new steel has been used, every external body panel is second-hand, sourced from either a wrecking yard or left-overs that were just lying around. Even the nuts and bolts have been recycled!

The hand-stitched black leather interior trim is made entirely from hide off-cuts and ‘seconds’ that would normally be thrown away. This not only reduced waste and trimming costs, but also produced a unique textured appearance with no attempt to match different grains. ZERO’D’s low impact even extends to the equipment used during its creation, with eco-friendly gas used in the welding equipment and its workshop powered by renewable green energy from wind and solar-powered resources.

Throughout the build, there were only a handful of new components. Some of these included new rubbers and glass due to there being no replacement available in good enough condition, and the radiator and intercooler which had to be specially made to suit the custom front end. Other new parts did in fact come from an eco-friendly development such as the new tyres which don’t have any harmful Distillate Aromatic Extract oils (DAE). Also the paint is a low emission base coat system which meets California’s strict environmental protection laws renowned as being amongst the toughest in the world.

ZERO’D is powered by a huge recycled 7.3 litre Ford Powerstroke turbocharged V8 with an Allison four-speed automatic transmission, both sourced from a second-hand F-series diesel truck with 170,000 kms on the clock. Both were healthy and robust units that did not require rebuilding, but rather allowances were made to accommodate the new fuel system.

The engine set-up is equipped with a special fuel inlet and exhaust system that allows it to run on eco-friendly biodiesel fuel blends. The use of commercially available B20 (20% bio, 80% diesel) biofuel straight from the bowser will reduce the V8’s harmful exhaust emissions by up to 70 per cent, while producing more than 450kW (600 horsepower) and potentially more than 1000Nm (738ft/lbs) of torque.

Bond University conducted an in depth study as a project over a 6 month period. Having a reputable University verify the build and vehicle being sustainable gives the entire project some gravity. Described as nothing else in the world built or documented to this level, Bond University concluded their 38 page report stating:

“Currently ZERO’D is the first street rod of its kind, sources states that it may even be the first not just in Australia but the world. Based on the nature of the project and the long term usage of the vehicle, this report suggests that the carbon footprint of the recycled vehicle has been reduced significantly, additional technology still needs to develop and evolve meaning that in the future we could have cars that result in a nil carbon footprint, which is one of the principles behind the project ZERO’D by Mick Fabar”.

ZERO’D has pioneered the automotive industry and has been successful in proving that Green can be something that is edgy and cool, whilst also being cost effective. With such an innovative and successful project, ZERO’D will inspire and potentially influence builders and manufacturers alike, whilst highlighting the process and availability of using ‘green technology’ in future projects and designs.

Make/Model: 1967 Ford XR Falcon
Engine: Recycled 7.3 litre Ford Powerstroke turbocharged V8 diesel truck engine
Performance: 450Kw (600Hp), 1000Nm (738ft/lbs) of torque.
Fuel: B20 Biodiesel with battery system featuring an auxiliary charge from two solar panels
Body: Recycled panels
Paint: House of Kolor ‘Earth Green” eco-friendly Shimrin 2
Interior: Leather Off-cuts and seconds
Wheels & Tyres: Showwheels 8x20 (f), 10x20 (r), with Federal “Green Friendly” tyres

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